What is nadi astrology ?

Nadi astrology is the sage’s strength due to their strength and by god’s grace In Kaliyuga, every human being is defeated/lost on this earth because of the karma.   This appears to occur to humans during their lifetime. In this period of time human beings are free from defects, obstacles  and  disturbances  that  may  occur in  the  human lifetime. Sages have written about the events of human life that have appeared on the planet at different times and with their athma siddhi and wisdom, the opposite effect of tiles. When you want to look at this written leaf who keep their thumb prints during that period only if there is a rule knowing it is written by the sage on the leaf can be benefited.

What is Karma?

In ancestral life if one has done good, good prevails and if evil done, evil will prevail. Our birth is a continuation of ancestors sinful or holy act committed and experienced in this birth. So, we are also similar in their appearance and actions of them known as Karma. Karma is not only about good or evil. Our life is destined to happen, its not the fate. Forgetting  ourself  and  working with   a power it helps us to drive throughout our life.Why did I do this? Did I do this? How did I do it? All these  were  asked by  ourself  and prevent us from thinking that the actions were wrong which is also known as Karma.So,self  awarenessk, nowledge is necessary for your soul to become fresh and one need to establish a  state of mind that is free from the ancient curse  Karma. Meditation,proper agama shanthi, treatments step by step is to get rid of the reaction of Karma.

What is finger prints ?

Finger Prints totally 108 are there and it has different clauses. For example,  round type, cronch (shell type),  like this finger prints names are called. So when one person want to see his prints, in earlier days sages naming it and they say the benefits of that person. When the same person want to see Astrology the sage called it by a different name those days,  All these will not be revealed by most of the Astrologers. 

How to Find Leaf ?

People who want to see Nadi Astrology have to give their Thumb finger prints, gents have to give right hand thumb finger and Ladies have to give left hand thumb fingerprint in a white Those who can’t come to office can send through WhatsApp, Email, Skype, Postal or Courie From your thumb prints Astrologer will find your palm leaves in his bundles He’ll bring the bundle and start reading leaf by leaf from it to find your benefits out of it. If that palm leaves is not there, again he’ll search for yours from the bundles . If that is your palm leaf at that time he will find and confirm your name, father’s name, mother’s name, the job you work, date of birth. After confirming after sometime he will start telling what are all the benefits from the day born to end will be disclosed or he will disclose (tel) the future till the age it is written in that plam leaves.

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